Thursday, June 22, 2006

So, it's very late the night before I leave for Venice. Tomorrow I'm going to head in to Boston, pick up a few things at my grandmother's and then sit down in Logan and wait.

Tonight I saw An Inconvenient Truth. Al Gore has gained some charisma and pathos. The film was good; well structured and paced. He makes a persuasive case, and clearly decided to specifically address points of public contention in the global warming "debate."

After that I went to the Goldstein's to play some poker. What a game. Just brutal. I placed second out of six in the tournament (1st and 2nd win money) but Dom and I had decided to split wins/losses prior to the game, so I wound up down for the night as he didn't place. I made a few bad calls, and got sucked out a few times, so I was lucky to place at all.

So, I'm starting to get slightly excited about Venice. I'm sure that this will be a fantastic experience: the food, the architecture, the history, the culture, the romance, the food. Being able to drink and gamble legally doesn't hurt either. By day I'll study and by night I'll sip wine in bars that Hemingway used to frequent. I'll read literature by the canals and ponder with incredulity the immense hydrolic dam system that the city plans to install to save itself from rising ocean levels (global warming tie-in).

I'm trying to plan out what I should read on the plane. So far, I've tried to keep it Italy related; I've dug out The Purgatorio, The Paradiso, The Prince, and The Aeneid. I've been meaning to read all of them. Now seems like a decent time.

What will tomorrow bring? Only time will tell...


Anonymous the referenced Dom said...

if you don't cut it with the "only time will tell" crap, i swear you're in for one *$@#& of a beating when you get back

and if you tell everyone we split moneys, they're not gonna be very happy with us.

1:02 PM

Anonymous the referenced Dom said...

and my GOD i made a perfect read, pushed, and he called me with the Qx-high ANYWAY. AAAAAAAARRRRRGGGGHHH.

1:03 PM


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