Tuesday, June 27, 2006

So, I am posting again. Sadly, the internet in the dorm is down, so I have to use the library, which is beautiful. Unfortunately, I can't post a picture of it from here.

So, I've spent the past few days setting up classes and getting better acquainted with Venice. I can navigate without a map fairly well. I shopped one class yesterday and have another in about an hour.

Yesterday I also had the first session of my Italian crash course. After Italian, some of us headed off to a bar to meet with some Italian students to watch the Italy/Australia game. However, a few of us decided to head back to the dorms after a little while. I ended up falling asleep early last night and got woken up by my roommate at about 4 am. I wasn't tired after that, so I got up early and had breakfast with Kerry, a grad student in the program. After that I headed off to walk around the city.

Piazzale San Marco is increadible. I walked around there, looked in some shops, and crossed the grand canal a few times. I wound up at a fish market. I have some cool pictures of that.

Okay, I have to run as I need to go purchase a notebook and then get to class. I'm going to try to make subsequent entries less matter of fact and more interesting.



Anonymous Your mother said...

Hi, Mike! Put people in your photos and they'll be even more interesting to view. We especially want to see you, and your friends! Can you ask one of your dorm mates to snap a shot of you in your swanky living quarters?

7:31 AM

Anonymous Jeff Graeber said...

Hi Mike
It seems like quite a place to be. You have to see the Ghetto so you can appreciate the Merchant of Venice.
My advice - go to Church. Not for the religious reasons, but they have all the best art!
Keep us posted. We look forward to it.


10:16 AM

Blogger Mike said...

There is a trip to the Jewish Ghetto planned this weekend. I'm excited.

We'll probably also make it to padua and verona.

11:31 AM

Anonymous Auntie Corrinne said...

Hi Mike! I googled Piazzale San Marco for images. You're right... It's amazing! I can't wait to see the images you have.

I'm really enjoying your entries whether they are just matter-of-fact or more interesting.

Love you!

11:40 AM

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