Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Okay, the internet in my dorm is back up. Hopefully I'll make a good post with some cool pictures tonight. But until then...

Yesterday was mostly class and running around getting books and studying. I have about 500 pages of reading per class for Economics and Psychology, so I'm hoping that my other class will balance this out. Ufortunately, less studying got done than should have, so tonight will have to be a marathon session. Speaking of class, I have it in ten minutes. After that some of us are going to Lido for a few hours. Lido is a famous beach where they hold a film festival every september that is well attended by Hollywood types. In June, it's just a nice beach. After that it's back to Venice and studying. This weekend we're going to Padua for their "white party." It's essentially an all-night party where they keep the shops open, you guessed it, all night. One of the Italian students who is from Padua is taking us. In additional news, it's come to my attention that everyone else in the program is a spoiled rich kid, but more on that later.

In closing, I'll leave you with this...

This would be better if it were a real flag, but what are you gonna do? Let's hope this bullshit flag desecration amendment fails.


Anonymous dominic said...

julie's summer roommate and my friend from yale has to write a speech for the senator he's working for in support of the ammendment. he's only doing it because it's better than data entry and probably won't actually make it to the senate floor anyway. probably.

interesting to note, however, that apparently this issue comes up almost every year. and we may or may not hear about it. but it's there happening just the same.

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