Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Okay, so here's a good batch of pictures. But first, a few observations:

1. There's no ice in Italy. I will never understand this.
2. Italian pizza sucks. I will never understand this.
3. Pineapple gelato is amazing.
4. Only Italy can make a rotting building seem "quaint."

So, here's some pictures...

Here's a view of San Marco

More San Marco

Closer San Marco

Pigeons. As if that weren't clear.

Sweet fish market in some "ruins."

Some cephalids covered in their ink.


Really cool fish.

Swordfish. You don't get a good sense of size here, but this thing was immense.


Anonymous Dad said...

Hi Mike,

I didn't know you liked fish so much. Are you going to turn your cell phone on.

Love Dad

1:49 PM

Anonymous dominic said...

fyi you posted your first entry of the day (flagee) twice.

Damn! those are Pigeons?? OH!

2:14 PM

Blogger Mike said...

Hi dad. No, I'm not planning on turning it on as calls would cost too much. I'm just keeping it as a resource in case of emergencies.

3:13 PM

Anonymous Mom & Neal said...

Cool fish! We're going to use one of those market photos as our desktop wallpaper... after we finish retching from the skunk attack on Harry tonight.

10:14 PM

Anonymous Mom said...

Here's a quote on PIZZA from

Try and avoid eating those terrible pizzas that taste of rubber that you can see in some of the bars in the centre of the city!

10:23 PM

Anonymous Auntie Corrinne said...

Hi Mike.

Omi says hi and hopes you're enjoying your stay in Italy! I told her I would show her your blog site and she said.... "vhat is a blog." :O)

Cool fish.

5:18 AM

Blogger Old MD Girl said...

"Italian pizza sucks"

Are you insane? Probably, you are trying one of the over-complicated variations. Stay away from the Quattro-staggione, and try the Pizza Napoli. Or if your don't like anchovies, the margherita.

Also, you can have your parents text message you, and you can text them back. That is still cheap -- even overseas. You HAVE gotten a chip for your phone that is compatible with the EU network, right?

8:07 AM

Anonymous Auntie Annette said...

Hi Mike!

Olivia wants to say Hi. We are
having fun reading the blog and
looking at the pictures.

Take care

Olivia and Auntie Annette

7:15 PM

Anonymous Andrew said...

HI mike,

Its your cousin andrew thats a huge fish head at that market. So did you eat any of that nasty fish?

7:22 PM

Blogger Mike said...

Perhaps it's premature to pronounce Italian pizza terrible, but from what I've tried so far it has been extremely uninspiring and nearly inedible once cold.

My phone does work overseas, but I see no reason to rack up roaming charges, and why text message when I can already email?

Hi Andrew, no, I dislike seafood, so I'm staying clear of it. The Venetian specialty is pasta with squid ink though, soI have to try that at some point.

3:03 AM

Anonymous Dad said...

Hey Mike,

Where did you put my Father's Day gift? Neal hasn't a clue. We'll be thinking of you in Maine. :)


4:35 PM


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