Sunday, July 16, 2006

So, I haven't updated in a while.

Thursday I went on a tour of the basilica in Saint Marc's. Then on Friday I took a trip to Revena, where one of the professors took us on a tour of the famous mosaics located in the town.

Then, last night was the Redentore festival, the festival of the redeemer. The Venitians build a bridge across the Guidecca canal, ostensibly so people can make a pilgrimage to the church of the redeemer. There was the best fireworks display that I've ever seen.

There should be some new pictures up at I don't have any of the mosaics, but I may have some of the Redentore festival up later.



Anonymous Dad said...

Hi Mike,

Enjoyed the pictures. See you when you get back.Read my comment from the 8th.


11:42 AM

Blogger Old MD Girl said...

It's RAvenna. And the mosaics are amazing.

6:42 PM

Anonymous auntie corrinne said...

Great pics Mike! It's nice to see you having a good time.

9:29 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are really getting to see Venice in depth. I would have loved to see Ravenna and the mosaics, but we couldn't fit that it. I also remember reading about the festival where they make the bridge over to the Paladin church - it think it is in thanks for the end of one of the many plague epidemics.
Our trip is coming closer, but we will not overlap. Can you do me a favor? Keep you eyes open for a good local guide service - maybe one is recommended by the school. We will only have one full day in Venice Sunday 8/20 and we would like to hire a guide to make sure we get into the Basilica & Dodge's palace on a crowded Sunday. Before you come back send me the names of your favorite little restaurants etc. We will tell them Mike sent us.
Keep the picture coming
Uncle Jeff

2:43 PM


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